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Ill mannered, bad tempered, and set in my ways. When I write a review I'm starting a conversation. Not writing a f#%^#ng book report. Don't like it then go the f^%k away!

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The Complete Fairy Tales
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Close Kin: Book II -- The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy by Dunkle, Clare B. (2006) Paperback
Clare B. Dunkle
Gardens of the Moon
Steven Erikson

Paranoid. No, you're imagining things.

— feeling haha

Skin Game (The Dresden Files, #15)Skin Game by Jim Butcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I will have this book in my hands. Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

I have it! I have it!

Most epic and gory quote so far...

"So. Assume Marcone wanted anyone who tried to force their way into his vault reduced to salsa. Assume he was perfectly well aware how hard a lot of supernatural beings were to hurt. How would he handle it?
Overkill, that’s how.
I was guessing he’d installed one claymore mine per square foot of wall. Multiply that by, for simplicity’s sake, three hundred ball bearings each, and you had a whole freaking lot of round pieces of metal waiting to tear us all to shreds. They would bounce around the steel walls of this room like BBs rattling around the inside of a tin can and render any physical body in it to churned meat sauce."

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