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Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, #7)Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another fantastic addition to the series. In this installment I really felt sorry for Harry, he has been put through the ringer on so many different levels. In the last book his hand was rendered useless from being severely burned, and in this one he has a shurikan wound in his opposite leg. This is a terrible combination from a less severe experience of my own, and can say that I really sympathize.
One thing that I don't fully comprehend is the passage of time in this plot, and I think that I've missed something in-between books.

Bob the skull was really scary in this installment, and had the creeping willies from his recovery of memories of a former owner. This section is where you would want to fact check, and I did do that about WWI. I learned so much about this topic. Thank you, Jim Butcher, for peaking my interest in the history aspect of your books.

Also glad to see that the puppy from the last book has turned into a great and terrible beastie. He is a very funny character, and I enjoy the comedic relief he brings to the series.

Also "Polka will never Die!"

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