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Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)Summer Knight by Jim Butcher
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OOooooo Yay! Another back porch read. I can not wait until the weather is sunny again. I swear I will never read Mr. Butcher's work right before bed again. The last one had me scared spitless...
Though I do enjoy his writing style; it is imaginatively creepy, straight forward, and realistic for the paranormal topic.

Well it doesn't seem that the weather is going to be agreeable, so I am going to crawl into my rainy day reading chair and give it a go.
Harry seems to be having a hard go of it compared to the last book. I wonder what type of involvement he is going to have with the Fae in this book. One thing that Mr. Butcher has done is give you clues to the plot in the title itself.
Oh lordy! Mab Queen of air and darkness is going to be Harry's employer! At least this is more believable comparable to LKH. This was an unexpected development that I enjoyed. The number of beasties in this book grows, and there is more variety than most series that I've read. The Gatekeeper is a character that endeared himself to me, and I found much humor in his personality.
I'm also left to wonder where, Harry's love interest, Susan has disappeared to, or if Harry is going to move on? Wonder if there is some possibility in a relationship between him and Murphy. The chemistry between the two is an excellent possibility. Onto the next in the series.
Cheers and Happy Holiday Reading Folks!

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