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Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, #2)Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
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So far I'm starting to really love the series. I really like the way Harry has his apartment set up with textures and fabrics. I like it and can sympathize with large appliances always breaking just by bumping into them. Literally I have family members and hospital nurses who can confirm this. One reason I don't own a smart phone is that I've already broken two of my friend's phones just by holding it for them. It's not fair I tell you.
Bob the skull is a very funny and informative character.I always have the feeling that he's about to tell Harry...
photo 10931717_631089657019353_5800270229089668975_o_zpstwvrqiqr.jpg
I'm just not sure how Harry gets drawn into these situations. How is he still alive, really? The sub- conscience conversation was a very interesting topic, that I'm sure that others that enjoyed this would agree. Also the variations on lyconthropes was amazing; what can I say? I just haven't read it anywhere else before, and I've read a lot. (view spoiler)[It also really shocked me that Harry put on one of the Hexenwolfe belts. Wasn't expecting that! (hide spoiler)]
Good Job on this one Mr. Butcher!

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