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Claymore, Vol. 17: The Claws of Memory (Claymore, #17)Claymore, Vol. 17: The Claws of Memory by Norihiro Yagi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Starting off this volume with Chapter 90: A World Without Order.
Miria, Tabitha, and Galatea find out more about the organizations new weapons called the Abyss Feeders. This is a gruesome experiment gone all wrong that I assume is going to backfire.
Elsewhere Clair's group is on the trail of Riful, but they have to get past Dauf to speak to her. In the process Uma loses her leg and is left with Cynthia while Clair continues on. She finds the melded sisters Rafeala and Lucilea. Former top two claymores that were a failed experiment. They are in a comatose slumber on the cliff of a double awakening. Clair is drawn in mentally, and given the memories of Rafeala. We will now find out how deeply the organizations corruption really goes. Cheers and Happy Reading!

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