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Claymore, Vol. 01: Silver-eyed Slayer (Claymore, #1)Claymore, Vol. 01: Silver-eyed Slayer by Norihiro Yagi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Starting off the series with Chapter 1: The Silvered Eyed Slayer.
The first scene we see is a youngish girl taking off the head of a monster. Then we are taken to the scene of a village that have had Yoma(demons) eating out the guts of six victims. The village chief has called in the organization thus sending out a Claymore. An assassin whom can take down these demons. The reason Claymores can effectively fight Yoma is because they are half Yoma themselves.
Arrives on the scene, Clair, the current number forty-seven which is the lowest ranking in the organization. A boy named Raki is fascinated, and is somewhat a key character to the series. So pay attention to him. This series is also rapidly introduces new characters so you can't skim through without having to keep up.
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