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Saturday - Ian McEwan This book! This book is about to go flying across the room, oooppps there it went!
throwing book gif photo: Throwing Book at Author SitchThrowingBook_zps629f99d2.gif
There is just to effing much wrong with this. I feel like the author has been speaking down to me the entire book!
To be fair the argument of going to war with Iraq was well thought out, and executed; just to be shot to hell and back by the home invasion.
I did like the perspective that of a foreign citizen. I was personally in high school when the events in the book are set. So that being said; I'm now going back and doing homework on most of the events that I was too busy to know what the hell was going on. Yes. Shame on me, but I'm doing my best to make up for it. :P
Well that's all for now pretties!