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Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary - Michèle Roberts, Geoffrey Wall, Gustave Flaubert Now this is merely
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but I'm very convinced that Emma Bovary was suffering from Bi-polar Disorder, and Postpartum Depression with a Disassociation to her child. Seriously she's showing all the signs. When before she had her child she was undertaking grandiosity, by firing her husband's favored servants. After she has her child, she feels no connection to the baby. Then later on when the the child is just tootling around for the first time and wanting her mama. Emma says,'Go Away' pushes her; causing her to fall and cut herself on the cheek. Then blames the child of just falling over! Why the husband wasn't furious with this woman I will never know?
Then the absolute nerve of what the Mother-in-Law had to say about how it wasn't proper for women to read. (*I swear I'm about to lose my bleeping mind!*)
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I'm still trying to figure out why this is taught in the 9th & 10th Grade?!?
On a whole I hate the story, but Loved the descriptions Flaubert used for the country-side and the settings. Though I had absolutely no idea what some of the foods were, so I looked them up. I found myself very disgusted by some of the processes of how to make them, but hey I learned something!