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Throw It Down: Leaving Behind Behaviors and Dependencies That Hold You Back

Throw It Down: Leaving Behind Behaviors and Dependencies That Hold You Back - Jud Wilhite I read this book hoping that it would give me a few helpful tips on kicking butts, boy was I wrong!I did not appreciate the tone of this book, nor does it go along with my personal beliefs.
Though there are some phrases that remind me much of what you would hear at an AA meeting.
That and the excellent grammar gives me pause to tear the author a new hole for reality to move in.
The problems presented in this short tome, are too vague for the reader to easily identify with the individual. People are much more complex, and just giving the reason that "God" was their solution to all of their problems. Making the point that we go out and socialize with our community, is the only way you can have wholesome sober fun. That the only way that you can be accepted and forgiven; and I quote,'Just keep showing up!' I really think that if you are ignorant enough, you could easily be manipulated and brainwashed with this type of literature while in a Rehab facility.
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Take it from a recovering addict, myself, that did it all myself because I had to want, to get better. That, and I have two little people that count on me to support and care for them. I didn't count on God to guide me thorough my withdrawals. Being smarter than the average bear; I delved into knowledge, always being told that it is the drive of what guides humanity through the ages. Thus, I have been studying religions, science, biology, literature, mythologies of many cultures, and general fiction for the past seven years with all of the fastidiousness my brain will allow. I willed myself to stop, and haven't looked back since.
This smacks of a big fat paycheck to me, and the intent of this book reflects that.
I'm sorry if this offends anyone that this book actually helped, but there is no consideration for Freedom of Religion; and isn't for someone who is just trying to quit smoking tobacco.