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Biting Cold - Chloe Neill

Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires, #6)Biting Cold by Chloe Neill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So I had to start the book over because my copy grew a pair of legs and walked off. Lo' and behold I found it again. Yay! Anyhow so far halfway into it and I'm bored. Yes the series has been really good so far, but I think I'm just waiting for that one thing to come along and blow me out of the water. So far it hasn't happened.

Oh so there it is...!
It's starting to get better. I'm really reminded of the snow scene with Simon from the Magic Bleeds series. Interesting I'm getting the same deja vu' type of feeling.
And soups on baby...
photo tumblr_m3920hkEI51ql3q1xo6_250.gif
Oh what to do now?!

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Attack of the Fiend by Joseph Delaney Unabridged Playaway Audiobook (The Last Apprentice) - Joseph Delaney, Christopher Evan Welch

Attack of the Fiend (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #4)Attack of the Fiend by Joseph Delaney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow what in the world is going on? I'm not keeping up with this one so much. Not really seeing what direction Delaney is trying to take us. This is like a hydra building plot. What creep factors is in store for any who reads.
As I read this I met a few new character whom didn't stay with us for very long. Old family mysteries partially solved. Some disgustingly science projects snuffed out. And oh yes Witches! More witches! I love this author he rocks my effing socks off with the hibby jibbies.
So if you hear something go bump in the night consider this...
photo knockknockknock_zpse09d2d95.gif

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A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin

A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3)A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I don't think I ate well for at least a week. Some of the topics Martin brings to our attention is a little off putting. This is one hella long ass book, and I loved every damned page of it.
I recommend that you read only if you have time.

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A Living Nightmare[CIRQUE DU FREAK LIVING NIGHTMA][Paperback] - DarrenShan

A Living Nightmare (Cirque Du Freak, #1)A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my effing gods. That streetcar just came, and smacked me upside the ignorant head. An instant favorite. Anyone who is suffering from intense boredom should be immediately cured after reading this.
The story centers around a teen named Darren, who has an obsession with spiders. He makes the mistake of stealing a vampire's prized performing Spider.
Absolutely fantastic book, and I highly recommend!

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[ [ [ A Kiss Before the Apocalypse (Remy Chandler Novels (Paperback) #01) [ A KISS BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE (REMY CHANDLER NOVELS (PAPERBACK) #01) ] By Sniegoski, Thomas E ( Author )May-06-2008 Paperback - Thomas E Sniegoski

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse (Remy Chandler, #1)A Kiss Before the Apocalypse by Thomas E. Sniegoski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book that I've officially read by this author, but it isn't my first encounter either. I remember my attention being caught when reading Mean Streets. I remember now why I started looking because of the dog character Marlowe. He is a natural dog, not altered, no enhancements. Pretty funny dialogue between him and the main character.
Another thing that caught my attention was the excellent writing structure, the attention to detail, and the most likely amount of biblical research done to give us this plot.
I usually don't like to read anything of the like, just imagine my surprise.
photo 7857_440750679371005_913491160_n_zpsd5fe2fbb.jpg

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Thirteenth Child - Patricia C. Wrede

Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, #1)Thirteenth Child by Patricia C. Wrede
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The settings were...
photo 1176362_10200215068812280_1018507796_n_zps50232099.jpg

I've read it twice; and that alone should be recommendation enough.
It was enjoyable that there was an atmosphere of futuristic Old West. The characters were gritty and textured. I really recommend for anyone that likes Science Fiction or Fantasy.

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The War of the Worlds (Books of Wonder)

The War of the Worlds (Books of Wonder) - H. G. Wells I think H.G. Wells was brilliant, and he was giving us this!
photo tumblr_lv4qa0t2VM1r471mpo1_500.gif

He certainly was a writer that thought and wrote light-years ahead of his own time. The strangeness was that this is set in 1894. Two coincidences arise to mind. 1. Switch the 8 & 9.(We all know if you're a George Orwell reader, and you get it.)
2. The vast differences in tech between the 90 years.
Stop and let that sink in.
Funny photo funny-6.gif

The particular edition that I read was also illustrated by Tom Kidd; which brought the story to life for me. This enriched the story all the more.

Fury of the Seventh Son (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #13)

Fury of the Seventh Son (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #13) - Joseph Delaney, Patrick Arrasmith How!?! Mr. Delaney, how and why did you end the series like this? Is the new series going to pick up where this left off?
After reading here are my feelings on Alice...
Hate Intensifies photo h91D38F44_zps95f17fe2.gif

Until next time...
Toodles Pretties!

Throw It Down: Leaving Behind Behaviors and Dependencies That Hold You Back

Throw It Down: Leaving Behind Behaviors and Dependencies That Hold You Back - Jud Wilhite I read this book hoping that it would give me a few helpful tips on kicking butts, boy was I wrong!I did not appreciate the tone of this book, nor does it go along with my personal beliefs.
Though there are some phrases that remind me much of what you would hear at an AA meeting.
That and the excellent grammar gives me pause to tear the author a new hole for reality to move in.
The problems presented in this short tome, are too vague for the reader to easily identify with the individual. People are much more complex, and just giving the reason that "God" was their solution to all of their problems. Making the point that we go out and socialize with our community, is the only way you can have wholesome sober fun. That the only way that you can be accepted and forgiven; and I quote,'Just keep showing up!' I really think that if you are ignorant enough, you could easily be manipulated and brainwashed with this type of literature while in a Rehab facility.
my little pony photo 1313118128919.jpg
Take it from a recovering addict, myself, that did it all myself because I had to want, to get better. That, and I have two little people that count on me to support and care for them. I didn't count on God to guide me thorough my withdrawals. Being smarter than the average bear; I delved into knowledge, always being told that it is the drive of what guides humanity through the ages. Thus, I have been studying religions, science, biology, literature, mythologies of many cultures, and general fiction for the past seven years with all of the fastidiousness my brain will allow. I willed myself to stop, and haven't looked back since.
This smacks of a big fat paycheck to me, and the intent of this book reflects that.
I'm sorry if this offends anyone that this book actually helped, but there is no consideration for Freedom of Religion; and isn't for someone who is just trying to quit smoking tobacco.

My Blood Approves

My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking Another disappointing Mary Sue read. When I started this multiple times, and wasted my time might I add. I certainly wasn't expecting Twilight Redux, the exception is that the main characters meet outside a bar instead of a biology lab.


Saturday - Ian McEwan This book! This book is about to go flying across the room, oooppps there it went!
throwing book gif photo: Throwing Book at Author SitchThrowingBook_zps629f99d2.gif
There is just to effing much wrong with this. I feel like the author has been speaking down to me the entire book!
To be fair the argument of going to war with Iraq was well thought out, and executed; just to be shot to hell and back by the home invasion.
I did like the perspective that of a foreign citizen. I was personally in high school when the events in the book are set. So that being said; I'm now going back and doing homework on most of the events that I was too busy to know what the hell was going on. Yes. Shame on me, but I'm doing my best to make up for it. :P
Well that's all for now pretties!

Tom Jones

Tom Jones - Henry Fielding nONSTOP HILARITY AND DEBAUCHERY insues!
Get ready here comes the...
tom foolery gif photo:  330662010_a763ad6da5.jpg

In the Hall of the Dragon King

In the Hall of the Dragon King - Stephen R. Lawhead This was a highly entertaining book. I enjoyed the character's depth and loved the adventurous plot.

That's all for now. Off to finish the series.
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Rave Master, Vol. 6

Rave Master, Vol. 6 - Hiro Mashima This volume begins with Chapter 40-47.

The story is getting pretty awesome!

That's all for now until I hit editing mode...
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Reborn! Vol. 01: Reborn Arrives!

Reborn! Vol. 01: Reborn Arrives! - Akira Amano (天野 明), Frances E. Wall This volume begins with Chapter 1-7.

That's all for now until I hit editing mode...
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クレイモア 27 [Kureimoa 27]

クレイモア 27 [Kureimoa 27] - Norihiro Yagi Thanks for the memories Yagi-sensei!