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Claymore, Vol. 09: The Deep Abyss of Purgatory (Claymore, #9)Claymore, Vol. 09: The Deep Abyss of Purgatory by Norihiro Yagi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This volume starts off with Chapter 46: The Deep Abyss of Purgatory, Pt. 1.
At the end of the last volume Riful of the West spilled the beans that she knew the whereabouts of Pricilla. Clair literally her composure, and demands that Riful tells her where that woman is. Riful challenges Clair if she can land one blow on her that she will tell her.
Later in the volume though is probably my favorite because the old team is reunited, and induct a new member. This is also one of the more confusing Arcs because there is just so much going on. Don't miss out on one of my favorite volumes of the series.

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