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Four Summoner's Tales

Four Summoner's Tales - Christopher Golden, Jonathan Maberry, Kelley Armstrong, David Liss This is what I've finished so far...

“Pipers” by Christopher Golden
Oh my, this just super grade A creepy! Though you get at a closer look at what is really going on with the Mexican Cartels, and the people that it immediately affects.

David Liss’s “A Bad Season for Necromancy,”
Oh wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow! Where the hell do I start? This story is amazing!
There is so much to learn from this, and now I'm going to go find more of this writer's work now.

“Alive Day” by Jonathan Maberry
Holy freaking crap! I'm definitely going to have my hubby read this one. Not many know that he's a veteran that went to Afghanistan. He told me quite a few odd stories when he got back, and I swear to the gods that when I read this I just about pissed myself when the similarities were so close.
Also I would like to know if this unit DMS is for real or merely fictitious?

"Suffer the Children" by Kelley Armstrong
This bit of irony seemed to measure up to what I usually expect out of her work.