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Dog Days

Dog Days - Jeff Kinney What can I say without just sounding horrible?

I have stewed and scorched over these books. They have made me so infuriated that I can not even think straight, but as a request from my son I have read this far. I have now also deducted that my son's pessimistic behavior is an imitation of what he's read. IT'S NOT FUNNY!!! photo ITS-NOT-FUNNY_zps9i6fqdtc.gifWe will be having a lengthy discussion about this particular book the first chance we get.
This has made my heart hurt that a child can be this mean spirited, and not feel any remorse or guilt by serious situations in this book that he himself causes. The main character is really a manipulative bully, and tries to swindle his friend, calls the cops on his dad, and to top it all off he insults a pregnant woman at the pool(very loudly!)Hate Intensifies photo h91D38F44_zps95f17fe2.gif

I think I better stop now before, I really get set on a rip roaring rant about this series!