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Kitty's Greatest Hits

Kitty's Greatest Hits - Carrie Vaughn It has been quite a while since I've read any Kitty Norville books, but I'm wanting to catch up where I was without having to read the entire series again. So this seems like a good place to start. I've read some of these stories in various anthologies.

"A Princess of Spain"
I really enjoyed this story to the nth degree. I'll probably read again, just for the hell of it!

Conquistador de la Noche
Yes!Yes!Yes!(what is this an Herbal Essence commercial?){NO!} This is Rick's story, and he just so happens to be my favorite character in the Kitty Norville series.

The Temptation of Robin Green
This was a really melancholic story, but I did like it.

Kitty and the Mosh Pit of the Damned
Ha! That karma, such a kidder! You'll never guess the recipient of this one.

Kitty's Zombie New Year
Wait the story is over already?

Life is the Teacher
Now this was a bit steamy. Not for me, but there were some really good lines in this story when the main character achieves some personal growth.
[the cheerleaders in my head are waving their pom-poms!]

Looking After Family
God's Creatures
Wild Ride
Winnowing the Herd